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07717 443420


Due to each dog being an individual with varying needs and requirements, pricing does vary.  The prices below are a guide only, and you should therefore contact me to discuss a more accurate quote.


Puppies up to the age of 1 year old are at a set price of £20 each (XL breeds excluded). Free introductory appointments.  Please ask for more details).

BATHING ONLY - prices starting from £15, includes free nails being clipped and drying.  The most usual requests for bathing are Labradors, which are £20.

Bearded Collie                      - £35 (4 weekly agreement)

Bernese Mountain Dog     - £35 upwards

Cavalier King Charles        - £27

Cocker spaniel (working) - £27

                              (show)       - £30

German Shepherd              - £25 (short haired)

                                                   - £30 (long haired)

Lhasa Apso (teddy trim)   - £27

Miniature poodle                 - £28


PLEASE NOTE:  The above list is a brief guide and is not a definitive list of breeds able to be groomed.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Scottish Terrier                    - £27

Shih Tzu                                  - £27

Small Poodle crosses          - £27

Springer Spaniel                  - £30

Standard poodle                   - £35 upwards

Toy Poodle                              - £27